Separation Design Group's Oxygen for Wound Care

Topical Oxygen Wound Therapy, or TOWT, is fast becoming the preferred therapy for treating hard to heal wounds and burns. Oxygen is being used therapeutically for conditions where tissues have been damaged by trauma or oxygen deprivation. Delivering oxygen to infections, burns, and diabetic ulcers promotes and accelerates healing. Medical device manufacturers are looking for oxygen delivery systems that are portable and inexpensive; many now use existing respiratory oxygen devices.

SDGroup is patenting its rapid cycle oxygen technology for use in portable wound care systems. We are currently developing a pocket portable device that will deliver 10cc per minute of 90+% purity oxygen to wound sites. This is 100 times the flow of the competing electro-chemical device. A rechargeable battery provides enables all day use for ambulatory patients. A larger system for use with more extensive wounds has been prototyped and bench tested. Both systems target the rapidly growing wound care and diabetic ulcer care market.

SDGroups Wound Care Module
SDGroup has developed a small module having an easily
replaceable screw in sieve bed for the wound care and
personal oxygen industries. The self contained module requires
only a small compressor to operate, and outputs
30 ml / min of Oxygen at 92% purity.