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Dr. David K. Walker

Senior Researcher

Dr. Walker received a Ph.D. in experimental physics from West Virginia University in 1971, specializing in electricity, magnetism, and electrostatics.  His doctoral advisor was Dr. Oleg Jefimenko.  In 1987 he completed a certificate program at the Institute for Retraining in Computer Science (IFRICS), Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY. His interests range from development of electro kinetic valves and pumps, to improved solar collectors and windmills.

At Separation Design Group, Dave helps with instrument design, interfacing of computers and microcontrollers with sensors, and the development of software/ firmware/ hardware for real-time control and data acquisition.  Current projects emphasize the importance of energy efficient systems and devices. He is also leading out in-house circuit board fabrication work.

Dave serves as a National Science Foundation panelist twice a year, reviewing SBIR proposals from start-up companies in the fields of material science, chemistry and energy.
Prior to joining SDGroup in 2004, Dave worked in academia and consulting.  He spent 18 years as a physics professor at Waynesburg University (1971-1989), and10 years as a computer science professor at Marshall University (1989-1999).   As an independent consultant for ViRoLac Industries, Dave helped automate a new instrument used for clean coal chemistry (1988-1995).  Dave also conducted several projects (2000-2004) in Mozambique, Africa, for the US Global Technology Corp, run by the U.S. State Department/USAID.  These involved technology planning for long-distance education, networking, electronic library, rural health clinics, and satellite Internet infrastructure.

Dave's mentor, noted physicist Oleg Jefimenko, passed away in May 2011 leaving Dave his extensive collection of scientific books and instruments dating from 1550-1910. Dave, in turn, is establishing the non-profit Oleg and Valentina Jefimenko Collection to maintain and display these materials. This library/museum collection will be housed at Separation Design Group.