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Dr. Robert B. LaCount

Senior Researcher

Dr. Robert B. Lacount is a Senior Researcher at Separation Design Group and Professor of Chemistry at Waynesburg College. Dr. LaCount received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh in 1965. He has conducted synthesis/degradation studies including separation, and project characterization research involving gases, liquids, and solids since 1958 and coal beneficiation and characterization since 1970, and has forty-eight peer reviewed publications, five patents, and one pending resulted from these research efforts. Virtually all of these research projects involved the use of adsorbent methodology during the product separation and/or analysis phase. He has a broad knowledge of coal and coal combustion by-product chemistry and current coal/coal gas beneficiation methodology.

He is particularly well versed in thermal coal oxidation and coal oxidizative research methods involving separation and analysis of the resulting gaseous products. Dr. LaCount brings his expertise in the construction and modification of analytical instruments, as well as his extensive research into the characterization of zeolite adsorbents, to the task of creating operational continuous adsorption cells.