Our Facility

Separation Design Group is located in a 57,000 sq. ft. building in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania housing offices, laboratories and production facilities.
Our laboratories include analytic instruments and test equipment that support our research and product development.

Analytic instruments include:

Hitachi S-2460N scanning electron microscope

Canberra 550 LB alpha-beta emissions detector/counter with 2010 software upgrade.

Fast response Oxigraph oxygen meters

HP 8510B network analyzer

5-Gas combustion analyzer

Beckman Coulter Surface Area Analyzer Model SA3100

Controlled-Atmosphere Programmed-Temperature Oxidation (CAPTO) analysis system

Balzers quadrupole mass spectrometer, Model QMG112A

Thermo Electron Haake Minilab with Model FFML force feeder, digital controls, twin screw auger mixer with funnel

Fluke 5100B calibration standard

Trek 609-E high voltage, low radio frequency (HV-LRF) amplifier/ function generator

Test labs are fully instrumented for computer command and control and data acquisition for short term experiments and long term device testing using Omega data loggers and National Instruments LabVIEW hardware and software.

We also have 3,000 sq. ft. devoted to prototyping, light manufacturing and assembly, including:

Machine shops with:
Precision lathes
Traditional and computer controlled milling and machining
45W CO2 laser
Lumonics 848 excimer laser
3-D printers

Pick-and-place surface mount circuit board machine
Humidity controlled glove boxes
Electronics assembly, soldering, programming and testing stations
Mechanical component assembly and testing stations

Our facility is part of the Waynesburg University Keystone Innovation Zone. SDGroup is currently leasing laboratory space to three other researchers:

RJ Lee Group — carbon characterization lab

Dr. Robert LaCount CAPTO lab

Dr. Jack Halow — magnetic particle reactor mapping system being developed in conjunction with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.